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Conscious, Quality, Natural.
gentl is a message for us men to take care of ourselves, to feel valued, to notice what we feel, say and wear. We do it through a collection of unders and socks which symbolizes a lifelong commitment to oneself.


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Men say
Nicely done

Finally some nicely done boxers for men. I was trying many brands and very few are doing it right. The fabric, the fit, the design, its all in here. I have a pair of underwear that I like using for each day of the week:)

Mark (Germany)
Fine boxer
Soft and comfy!

Great quality, and fit. I love it. No more cheap brands. I liked the message as well as the products. Self awareness is a habit I just started to incorporate in my life.

Philip (Denmark)
Fit boxer
Great designs

I got the linen model and its great. I enjoy wearing it. It's comfortable, it looks good and it feels really nice and smooth on the skin.

Greg (Portugal)
Light boxer

Quality comfortable & natural

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Movement inwards

The world is spontaneouse. The goal is to spontaneously reach to you with the gentl message of love and care. If we made your day a bit better, well this is what its all about:)

Thanks for joining the community and helping in the conscious effort

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Size guide

We follow European standard sizes. Products sizes are S – XL (EUR 38, 40, 42,44)


S (38)M (40)L (42)XL (44)
Waist79/8383/8787/91 91/96
Hips90/94 94/98 96/100 100/104

Sizes are in centimeters


S-M 39-42 39-42
L-XL 43-46 26cm

*Sizes are in centimeters

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