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We are gentl

Join us on a journey of personal growth, self-care, and boundless creativity. Imagine waking up each day, wrapped in the comfort of sustainable products that don’t just feel good, but do good for your sense of self and wellbeing. Our story is one of personal growth along side with commitment to attention to details and quality, ensuring that every item you touch has a tale of care behind it. We are here to inspire you to live more consciously, to nurture yourself, and to create a life that resonates with your deepest values. Join us, and let’s weave a story of mindful living, one beautiful choice at a time.


gentl is my story of personal growth

Hello, my name is Maor. I’m the founder of gentl, and here is how gentl came to be. I always had a passion for creating something beautiful. The idea of organic underwear for men arose out of my own necessity. I was tired of buying low-quality fast fashion from huge, soulless brands. I wanted something that embodied values of quality, durability, and ethical production while taking care of my skin.


So, in 2020, I founded gentl in Barcelona. During that time, I embarked on a spiritual journey of self-discovery that changed my life forever. Now, I see that it wasn’t a coincidence. I felt that gentl could be a vehicle for transformation for other men – towards self-care, self-love, self-discovery, and well-being, creating a ripple of positivity in their lives, the people around them, and in society.The fact that the product is very intimate and can only be shown off for oneself, aligned perfectly with the core message of looking more inwards and less outwards.


I invite you to focus all your energy on self-inquiry to find your authenticity and align everything in your life to who you truly are. You are more then welcome to join our community of conscious men.

With love, Maor

Slow down, calm your mind, ask yourself, how do you feel? what do you want? without judgment, with total acceptance. Listen closely, love yourself unconditionally, you are unique, this is a universal fact.



Focus on quality and ethics

gentl items are crafted from organic and sustainably sourced materials, prioritizing skin care, quality, and comfort. They are ethically produced in Barcelona and designed for durability and easy maintenance.

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You are precious.
Take good care of yourself.

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Movement inwards

The world is spontaneouse. The goal is to spontaneously reach to you with the gentl message of love and care. If we made your day a bit better, well this is what its all about:)

Thanks for joining the community and helping in the conscious effort

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