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Gentl is about…

Stoping the currents of daily life and asking: how am I feeling at this moment? I bring my attention where it really matters: in me, at this moment I matter. I take care of myself, I stop and listen to what I really need. Gentl life is about recognizing the good, appreciating the beauty, noticing when it hurts, when it’s moving me away from myself, when it’s time to look inside and remember what matters, which is me and always me.


gentl began with the need to create

A need for quality, organic underwear for men started turning the wheels. We wanted to add a sense of giving attention to details, self awareness and doing things right all through the creation process. What came out is a brand that, apart from the product, has a higher mission which is to help men be more conscious about their way of living, and begin (or continue) the process of self care and self love. The fact that the product is very intimate and can only be shown off for oneself, aligned perfectly with the core message of looking more inwards and less outwards.

Slow down your mind, relax, feel comfortable with what you do, with where you are, with who you are. Be gentl with yourself, find your inner “gentlness”, it will bring you peace, it will bring you life.




Designed to last. Attention to quality fabrics and workmanship while having simplicity and function in mind.


You are precious.
Take good care of yourself.

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Movement inwards

The world is spontaneouse. The goal is to spontaneously reach to you with the gentl message of love and care. If we made your day a bit better, well this is what its all about:)

    Thanks for joining the community and helping in the conscious effort

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    We follow European standard sizes. Products sizes are S – XL (EUR 38, 40, 42,44)


    S (38)M (40)L (42)XL (44)
    Waist79/8383/8787/91 91/96
    Hips90/94 94/98 96/100 100/104

    Sizes are in centimeters


    S-M 39-42 39-42
    L-XL 43-46 26cm

    *Sizes are in centimeters

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